Available positions for undergraduate, graduate and postdoc.

Graduate students

We are always looking for top graduate students to join us for master and Ph.D. degrees. Applicants should have a B.S. or Masters in Physics, Electrical Engineering, Material Science, Chemicals, Mechanical Engineering or related field.

The candidates should have strong motivation in exploring the unknown field in magnetics, multiferroics, and spintronics for next generation information and energy technologies. Graduate students will be encouraged to work on independent projects, publish scholarly papers, and attend international conferences, as well as apply for visiting scholarship from the China Scholarship Council. Previous training and experience in a research lab is a plus.

Applications for graduate students positions, assembled as a single PDF file, should contain a resume and transcripts, and describe research interests. Applications should be sent to Professor Liu, mingliu@xjtu.edu.cn. For more details on graduate admissions, go to http://yz.xjtu.edu.cn/.

Available postdoc positions

We are currently seeking postdoctoral researchers in the fields of magnetics, multiferroics, and spintronics. Applicants should have a Ph.D. in Material Science, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Chemicals, Mechanical Engineering or related field and a proven track record of high quality publications.

The candidates should have a strong interest in contributing to multidisciplinary teams (material scientists, physicists, and engineers) and will be expected to publish high-impact scholarly papers and attend international conferences, as well as take on a mentorship role for undergraduate and graduate students. Previous experience in EPR or MOKE is highly desirable. According to the university policy, the income of full-time postdoctoral researcher is usually no less than 160,000~330,000 RMB/ year with social insurances and public housing.

Applications for postdoc positions, assembled as a single PDF file, should contain a complete resume, cover letter describing research interests and goals, full list of publications, copies of up to three relevant scientific papers, as well as the names and contact information of three references (expected to provide letters of recommendation). Applications should be sent to Professor Liu, mingliu@xjtu.edu.cn. For more details on the salary and benefits, go to HR Department of Xian Jiaotong University: http://pd.xjtu.edu.cn/

Undergraduate students

There are opportunities for undergraduate students to work on research projects in the Magnetoelectric Lab. Students should email Professor Liu explaining their interest in working in the lab and include their resume. Long-term commitments of at least a year are preferred.

Applications should be received at least a semester in advance, so students who would like to do their graduation projects should get in touch by June of their junior year.


本课题组主要从事电子工程(微电子与固体电子、物理电子、电介质物理等)、材料科学与技术(功能陶瓷,铁氧体,多铁材料与器件)、纳米科技、 物理学相关的交叉学科研究。热忱欢迎来自电子工程、物理、 材料、力学、化学的科学研究工作者进行各种形式的合作。同时招收来自外校和本校的多学科的博士后、博士生和硕士生;鼓励本科生申请免试推荐的5年制直博生;鼓励具有电子工程,材料,物理背景的人员申报博士生和博士后。我们不仅欢迎本校的学生报考,还热忱欢迎来自其它学校和其它学科的同学加入本课题组。 我们不仅注重科学研究的前沿性,原创性,同时更加关注学生研究能力的培养,以及未来职业发展的规划。



学科、专业名称(代码)研究方向 导师 考试科目
005 电子与信息工程学院
26 功能薄膜与集成器件 任巍 ① 1101英语
叶作光 ② 2801综合能力
刘明1 ③ 3901综合能力
52 多铁性材料与器件 刘明1