Prof. Ming Liu

Professor of Electronics and Information Science Department at XJTU

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The Integrated Ferroic Laboratory designs and studies the dynamical behavior of magnetic, ferroelectric, and magneto-electric materials and micro/nano-structures. We are interested in new concepts for electric-field control of the electrical, magnetic, optical, and structural properties via strain, charge, ions...

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Research Articles

The articles of Ph.D student Mingmin Zhu and graduate student Shishun Zhao were elected as the cover articles on the Advanced Functional Materials and Advanced Materials, which are modulation of spin dynamics via voltage control of spin-lattice coupling in multiferroics and quantitative ...

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Available Positions: We are always looking for top graduate students to join us for master and Ph.D. degrees. Applicants should have a B.S. or Masters in Physics, Electrical Engineering, Material Science, Chemicals, Mechanical Engineering or related field.The candidates should have strong motivation in exploring the unknown ...

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Journal of Applied Physics

Temperature induced interface and optical properties of the multi-layer nanotube network

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